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Newspaper article clippings about FWHPDo you need an intriguing human interest story or a stirring tale taken from the pages of Canada's past for your next publication or school project? Our Story Ideas section offers a diverse array of articles and information that are available to media professionals and the general public.

Learn about early nineteenth-century life at the fur trading post where a fascinating mix of people and cultures came together to forge Canada's destiny. You'll discover the richness of Aboriginal traditions and beliefs, the role of historic trades such as blacksmithing and coopering in maintaining the operations of the Fort, and the dramatic power struggles that defined our nation.


The Canoe Builder: Preserving a Lost Art

Picture a stand of birch trees. Nothing unusual, right? Drive around the shores of Lake Superior and stands of birch trees are as common as air. But it is somewhat startling to realize that many, many years ago, the humble birch tree played a key role in the founding of Canada. The birch tree???


Learning Wigwam: Portal to Aboriginal Culture

On August 12th 2000, employees at Thunder Bay's Fort William Historical Park, "the World's Largest Fur Trade Post," were making history. The living history site, renowned for re-creating the fur trade activities of the North West Company in the early 1800s, was the scene of a little drama.


The Joiner Story: Making History More Interactive

Stroll into a museum and you enter a rarefied world where precious works of art and artifacts are delicately preserved. Special lighting, air circulation, protective glass and cordoned spaces ensure that works from centuries past can be safely viewed in their splendour for all to see.